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As you clear away the debris and rubble, the stones and dirt finally give way to a ravaged hull of rusted metal and pock-marked green synth. You see a faint throbbing pulse of light, the beacon that has called you here from across the sea of stars. Wiping away the accumulated filth, you discern an activation panel and the name of the vessel that you have unearthed... ELTANIN GAMMA DRACONIS.

Compatible with the Cypher System by Monte Cook Games. 

This draft is a work in progress - I sincerely hope you enjoy this wrecked spaceship delve!

More Heart of Arcana!

Pre Gen PCs:

  1. Ao - Empathic Explorer who Wears Power Armor
  2. Fang - Chaotic Warrior who Battles Robots
  3. Ifq - Clever Adept who Absorbs Energy
  4. Kami - Naive Adept who Rides the Lightning
  5. Kir - Honorable Warrior who Abides in Stone
  6. Lachesis - Graceful Explorer who Pilots Starcraft
  7. Sid - Perceptive Speaker who Sees Beyond
  8. Vulcan - Mechanical Speaker who Crafts Unique Objects


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Eltanin Gamma Draconis.pdf 3 MB
Eltanin Gamma Draconis GM Map.png 4 MB
Eltanin Gamma Draconis PC Map.png 4 MB
Eltanin Gamma Draconis Art Gallery.pdf 13 MB
Pre-gens Character Sheets.zip 11 MB

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A fantastic blend of sci-fi and dungeon delving. I played this at Gen Con 2022 and was very impressed. As a GM I enjoy how many potential paths and pitfalls are worked into this module. Our group got too greedy in one room and paid the price. Definitely worth playing.


I played this adventure at GenCon 2022. Lots of fun. Looking forward to run this with my group. Very excited for the final product.