Paul Ligorski | Heart of Arcana

D&D 5e - 1 Page Adventure. Destroy the draugr before they break free of their burial mound!
Cypher System - Activate the Void Engine before the sentinels raze the planetoid!
System Agnostic - A key of iron and bone grants its bearer unique abilities.
System Agnostic - A ruby amulet that grants its bearer unique abilities and psychic resistance.
D&D 5e - An obsidian dungeon near a desert oasis contains a sinister elemental.
Mausritter - Battle spore-zombie ants, flee from scorpions, parlay with regal hummingbirds and save your village!
Mausritter - Peril stands between your mouse and the promise of an arcane legacy!
Mausritter - Parlay with bats, defeat the cultists, harvest the guano.

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Mr. Mausritter